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eph KANAZAWA Rooms

Open the door to a space inspired by Kanazawa’s traditions

Walk down a hallway that resembles the stone-paved streets of the Nagamachi Samurai District,
and be greeted by a colorful Kanazawa-inspired artwork as you enter your room.

Our spacious rooms are highlighted by wooden shoji windows, which bathe the room in soft sunlight.
Every room features an ensuite bathroom, where you can enjoy a calming bath after a day of exploring the city, or as you ready for your next destination in Japan.

Choose to stay in a room with kitchen features, futon or western-style bedding, or connecting room to stay with a group of family or friends. Luxurious top floor suite rooms feature multiple bedrooms, and a spacious bathroom with hinoki wood design.

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eph KANAZAWA Exterior

Centrally located in Kanazawa City
A boutique hotel that encapsulates the city’s history and traditions.

eph KANAZAWA is a boutique hotel located within walking distance
to some of Kanazawa’s most famous sightseeing attractions -
Omicho Market, Nagamachi Samurai District, Oyama Shrine, and more.

With rooms taking inspiration from Kanazawa's iconic symbols and traditions,
experience the city through your stay at eph KANAZAWA hotel.

From the yukizuri that decorate the trees of Kenroku-en Garden,
long-standing tradition of gold leafing, vibrant ‘Kanazawa Blue’,
to the red-tinted wooden machiya architecture of Higashi Chaya District,
eph KANAZAWA hotel was designed to bring the city to you.


Surrounded by the sea, Kanazawa is a charming city that embodies Edo Period Japan

Explore Omicho Market, a 5 min. walk from eph KANAZAWA hotel, where you can experience both the sea and land through Kanazawa’s exquisite food culture. Oyama Shrine is also a 5 min. walk from the hotel, dedicated to the powerful samurai Maeda Clan that once dominated the city.

Take the Kanazawa City Bus to visit the grand Kanazawa Castle, or Kenroku-en Garden, a garden deemed to be one of Japan's Three Most Beautiful Gardens. Stop by the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, and historical Higashi Chaya District during your stay.

eph KANAZAWA is a boutique hotel located in the heart of Kanazawa, and the best place to stay to get the most out of this Japanese seaside city.