The TAKAYAMA EFFECT. Created by the city and culture

A city with distinct culture, rich history, and world of intrigue. From its architecture, traditions, and history that lies within its townscape, Takayama is a city waiting to be discovered.

eph TAKAYAMA is a ‘culture-concept' boutique hotel designed to embody a city’s individual culture and style. A space that elicits curiosity to keep you coming back for more. Each element coexists to shape and transform Takayama into the city we know today, and are elements that have paved the way for eph.

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Inspired by the natural beauty of Takayama

Our rooms are designed to elicit curiosity, with each room featuring original fusuma artwork inspired by Takayama’s natural sceneries. Vibrant and colorful, these sceneries depict mountains and clouds reflected in rice fields, the autumnal colors of fall foliage dotting the mountain side, and snow-covered traditional kayabuki houses of Shirakawago.
You will also find minoyaki (美濃焼) coffee cups in your room - a traditional form of Japanese pottery produced exclusively in the Gifu Prefecture.

eph TAKAYAMA hotel tells the beginnings of a great story and history of a city loved by its local residents.

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24-hour Guest Services

Stop by to speak with our friendly staff members, and ask about our favorite sightseeing and restaurant recommendations, local hole-in-the-wall shops, events, traditional experiences, must-visit bars, and more. You can also connect to us via your in-room telephone at any time should you require any assistance or have additional questions.

Other items available upon request - iron/ironing board, electrical plug, extension cord, and more. Additional amenities such as razors, hairbrush are also available.

Explore the city.

eph TAKAYAMA hotel is located near JR Takayama Station (1-minute walk).
Drop your luggage off at our reception desk before heading out to explore the city. We know that there’s a lot to see and experience in Takayama, so feel free to store your luggage after check-out, too.

Ask us Anything

For additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the eph TAKAYAMA hotel staff - before, during, and after your stay.

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