eph HOTEL - Boutique Hotel in KYOTO, TAKAYAMA, & KANAZAWA, JAPAN. Created by the city and culture.

The eph Effect

eph Hotel Series

A ‘culture-concept hotel’ designed to embody a city’s individual culture and style.
A space that elicits curiosity to keep you coming back for more.

The eph Effect
We’ve designed each of our eph hotels to embody the distinct Japanese culture, and vibrant history that our cities are home to. Everything about our hotels have been shaped by the city and culture, and from the moment you step into our hotel, you will come to realize that your travel story has transformed into something more - an ‘only one’ kind of experience.
The eph Effect
Capturing Kyoto city’s tradition and modernity
A 3-min. walk from Kyoto station is eph KYOTO - a boutique hotel inspired by Japanese design and traditional Kyoto motifs. Kyoto is a city home to traditional kaiseki cuisine, up-and-coming cafes, restaurants and bars, thousands of wooden temples, shrines, beautiful gardens, and more.

eph KYOTO hotel lies at the beginning of this excitement and your journey. Every room features a wall-to-wall window that showcases a traditional rock garden, similar to the zen rock gardens of Ryoanji Temple. Discover eph KYOTO suites are designed with delicate silver and gold washi paper reminiscent of the Golden Kinkakuji Temple, while other suites feature a sakura cherry blossom ceiling. eph KYOTO web site
Encapsulating Takayama city’s natural scenery
A city with distinct culture, rich history, and mesmerizing natural scenery. From its architecture, traditions, and history that lies within its townscape, Takayama is a city waiting to be discovered.

eph TAKAYAMA is a ‘culture-concept' boutique hotel, located a short 1-min. walk from Takayama Station. Encapsulating Hida-Takayama’s natural scenery, this city is a welcome escape from the grand buildings and skyscrapers of Japan’s larger metropolises. Every eph TAKAYAMA hotel room invites you in with its warm ambience and colorful fusuma artwork, and features a bathroom enveloped in Hida-Takayama made hinoki wood. eph TAKAYAMA web site
Inspired by Kanazawa City’s history & traditions
eph KANAZAWA is a boutique hotel located in central Kanazawa, and within walking distance to some of Kanazawa’s most famous sightseeing attractions - Omicho Market, Nagamachi Samurai District, Oyama Shrine, and more.

With rooms taking inspiration from Kanazawa's iconic symbols and traditions, experience the city through your stay at eph KANAZAWA hotel. From the yukizuri that decorate the trees of Kenroku-en Garden, long-standing tradition of gold leafing, vibrant ‘Kanazawa Blue’, to the red-tinted wooden machiya architecture of Higashi Chaya District, every room at eph KANAZAWA hotel was designed to bring the city to you. eph KANAZAWA web site