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Kyoto Station

Hear the buzz of Kyoto Station commuters walking to and fro from different destinations

Osaka, Tokyo, Kanazawa, Nagoya, and more -- offering you a glimpse of what is to come from a city brimming with tradition and modernity. Locals and travelers descend upon a city that is home to traditional kaiseki cuisine, up-and-coming cafes, restaurants and bars, thousands of wooden temples, shrines, and more.

eph KYOTO lies at the beginning of this excitement and your journey. Take a few steps and enter a quiet back lane to come across the grand facade of eph KYOTO.

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eph KYOTO Exterior

Surrounded by locals and history, only those privy and in-the-know will discover eph KYOTO

A close inspection of eph KYOTO’s exterior reveals a wood-grain pattern inspired by Kyoto’s cityscape dotted with traditional wooden houses.
The clandestine entranceway opens up to a space that elegantly combines modern architecture and traditional Japanese design.

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eph KYOTO Reception Area

A reimagination of Kyoto City by a famed Japanese architect

An impressive bamboo light fixture draws your eyes upward towards a sky-high ceiling glistening of gold-leaf, while the warm atmosphere of eph reflects upon the urushi lacquer-covered reception desk. The elevator ceiling is adorned with the craftsmanship of kigumi koshi wood pattern, an elegant geometric leaf pattern.

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eph KYOTO Rooms

Open the door to
your own personal Kyoto.

A wall-to-wall window showcases a karesansui garden similar to the zen rock gardens of Ryoanji Temple. Delicate silver and gold washi paper, reminiscent of the Golden Kinkakuji Temple, decorate the walls of some suites, while others feature a sakura ceiling.

There are many faces of Kyoto that have been written in travel books, seen by fellow travelers, and captured on film. But there is much more to be discovered and experienced during your time at eph KYOTO.

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