eph KYOTO HotelKyoto Favorites Breakfast

Start your day off right with our eph KYOTO Breakfast,
which includes an all-you-can-eat bread, soup, and salad selection.

Feast on pastries and bread from Shinshindo Bakery, a bakery that has been loved by locals for more than 100 years.
It’ll be served up alongside a homemade & hearty soup-of-the-day.
Our potages are made by a local Kyoto delicatessen that focuses on making additive & preservative free dishes that are both healthy & delicious.

We’ll also have a drink selection of coffee, juice, and tea, too. Everything will be served in a buffet-style, so you can enjoy as much as you want!

*Menu items may slightly differ depending on the season and availability. Soup selection will change daily.
*Breakfast will be served in our 1F Lounge. Please let our front desk staff know your preferred breakfast time (7:30-9:30) during check-in.

Please note that as there are a limited number of breakfast seats available, we may not be able to accept all breakfast requests.