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eph TAKAYAMA Rooms

Open the door to a space enveloped in sunlight and soft hues

Every eph TAKAYAMA room welcomes you with a colorful fusuma artwork, inviting you to slide open the windows and reveal a view of Hida-Takayama. Gaze out towards the forested mountain ranges that surround the city and its residents - giving you a sense of calm.

Our rooms feature a bathroom enveloped in Hida-Takayama made hinoki wood. Enjoy a calming and relaxing bath after a day of exploring the city, or as you refresh to ready for your next destination in Japan.

Enjoy a cup of our original eph COFFEE blend, or our original bath amenities during your time with us.

Contact our staff for more information regarding room details, and more.

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eph TAKAYAMA Reception Area

Enjoy a delicious Takayama-inspired meal, or authentic cup of coffee at the 1F cafe & bar

The 1F cafe & bar of eph TAKAYAMA hotel features some of the best coffee in Takayama, and delicious meals inspired by Takayama’s fresh ingredients.
Relax in this comforting space as your enjoy the popular eph breakfast - freshly made every morning - or wind down in the cafe after a day of exploring the Hida-Takayama city with a glass of Takayama’s famous sake.

For more details regarding our eph Breakfast, please contact our friendly staff.

Hids’ cafe & bar will be temporarily closed until further notice. However, our eph TAKAYAMA guests may still enjoy the cafe during breakfast and lounge throughout their stay.

eph TAKAYAMA Exterior

Discover Hida Takayama’s local life, and the histories and traditions still alive within the city.

Follow the stone-cobbled street as it leads you towards eph TAKAYAMA hotel.
As you walk from Takayama Station, you will approach an entrance
decorated with an elegant bonsai tree. Pass through the
noren curtains with colors reflecting the vibrant city atmosphere,
and make your way down a walkway lined with bamboo.

The warm ambience and fresh scent of Japanese cyprus will immediately transport you to a place of relaxation. A stylish hotel located near Takayama station, every detail at eph TAKAYAMA hotel embodies Japanese design and aesthetics.

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Located near Takayama Station.
eph TAKAYAMA hotel encapsulates
Hida-Takayama’s natural scenery

A 1-min. walk from Takayama station is eph TAKAYAMA hotel - a boutique hotel that encapsulates the natural scenery of Hida Takayama city and the surrounding mountains of Shirakawago. An escape from the grand buildings and skyscrapers of Japan’s larger metropolises, this change in scenery is the beginning of a welcome and relaxing retreat.

Walk through a city filled with beautifully-preserved historical streets, green mountain ranges, the UNESCO-designated Shirakawago Village, and eateries & shops both nostalgic and traditional. Discover the history of Takayama, Japan through your stay at eph TAKAYAMA hotel.

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