Located near Takayama Station.
Your gateway to the rich history
and culture of Hida-Takayama City

A 1-min. walk from Takayama station is eph TAKAYAMA hotel
- a boutique hotel that encapsulates the natural scenery of Hida Takayama city and
the surrounding mountains of Shirakawago.
An escape from the grand buildings and skyscrapers of Japan’s larger metropolises,
this change in scenery is the beginning of a welcome and relaxing retreat.

Walk through a city filled with beautifully-preserved historical streets,
green mountain ranges, the UNESCO-designated Shirakawago Village,
and eateries & shops both nostalgic and traditional.
Discover the history of Takayama, Japan through your stay at eph TAKAYAMA hotel.

Takayama is a city that has long been loved and protected by its residents and surrounding nature.
It is a city that boasts rich culture and an atmospheric townscape.

From traditional wooden machiya houses, nostalgic shops that line streets,
historical Japanese buildings that have stood since the Edo Period,
to eateries that showcase culinary delights using local ingredients.
Slip back in time as you stroll along the stone-cobbled streets of Takayama Old-Town (Sanmachi Suji district),
visit the riverside Miyagawa morning market, or explore the shrines that dot the surrounding mountain ranges.
A must-visit is the historical village of Shirakawa-go, a short bus ride away.